After School Acitivities in Sandy

After School activities are important for kids of all ages, and karate is an especially beneficial choice for an after school activity. Although kids need plenty of time for play and fun in order to grow, it’s beneficial for kids to have a busy schedule. By learning at a young age to plan for and cope with time-consuming activities, time management skills are not only gained, but internalized. A full schedule now will help your child as they grow into the challenges of adulthood.

Finding The Right After School Activity for Your Child!

Finding the right after school activity for the needs of your child can be tough. Karate is the best choice for many children, because it offers a variety of benefits in addition to physical activity. Martial arts is proven to improve the self-confidence, health, and discipline of people of all ages. By absorbing the structure and etiquette inherent in the martial arts, children learn the mental discipline necessary to focus on what they’re learning as well as what they’re being asked to do. This focus extends outside of the dojo and translates to an improved attention span in the classroom. Additionally, the consistent use and addition of necessary karate material will expand your child’s memory, allowing them to fully utilize the things they learn at school. All of this combines in a way that will improve your child’s scholastic performance, which will lead to better grades and reduced stress for your child.

For many parents, the main goal of an after school activity is a simple one: get the kids off the couch. Finding an activity that’s better than video games is a challenge in itself, especially as technology becomes increasingly more integral in our daily lives. Karate is a physical activity that counteracts couch potato habits. Our program uses a variety of techniques that provide many types of physical activity, from cardio to muscle building, so that kids of all ages can exercise in a fun environment that will encourage them to put the controller down.

Why Karate?

Karate is a sport that, despite its reputation, is safer than many available alternatives. It also encourages children to keep violent or hyperactive tendencies strictly within the supervised safety of the dojo. Karate is also a year-round sport, a characteristic that sets it apart from many popular sports. Seasonal sports are often an attractive option because of the regular break. However these breaks are often counterproductive. These gaps in training often lead to a lapse in physical health habits. Additionally, the lack of repetition for an extended period of time results in a drop in skill level. Therefore, the beginning of the season is often spent regaining lost skills instead of developing new ones. Karate, as a year-round sport, ensures an even martial arts education with a consistent rise in skill level.

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