This Month

1Lucas L.Juniors0
2Landon L.Lil Dragons0
3Cedric Y.Lil Dragons0
4Malcolm K.Juniors0
5Koorosh R.Juniors0
6Angus K.Juniors0
7Caden G.Lil Dragons0
8Reed L.Juniors0
9Jaxon C.Juniors0
10Akshay S.Juniors0
11Thomas F.Teens0
12Asher C.Juniors0
13Que F.Juniors0
14Vincent B.Lil Dragons0
15Pridhvi S.Teens0
16Casey C.Juniors0
17Kimeeya H.Juniors0
18Luke W.Lil Dragons0
19Andre R.Lil Dragons0
20A.J. S.Juniors0
21Henry B.Juniors0
22Jameson H.Juniors0
23Liam G.Lil Dragons0
24Cole S.Adult0
25Alex R.Juniors0
26Archer P.Lil Dragons0
27Sophia R.Juniors0
28Emmeline P.Lil Dragons0
29Maxwell B.Lil Dragons0
30Ryker P.Juniors0
31Ouraya M.Juniors0
32Paul T.Teens0
33Tommy G.Juniors0
34Joshua B.Lil Dragons0
35Jonah S.Juniors0
36Evan E.Juniors0
37Noah C.Juniors0
38Josh W.Adult0
39Arth A.Lil Dragons0
40Jade W.Adult0
41Andrew D.Adult0
42Chris H.Adult0
43Esther H.Juniors0
44Lyra H.Juniors0
45Gabe L.Juniors0
46Logan G.Lil Dragons0
47Aria W.Lil Dragons0
48Kai N.Juniors0
49Samarth K.Juniors0
50Chloe H.Juniors0
51Satwik C.Teens0
52Finn H.Juniors0
53David E.Adult0
54Katrina R.Adult0
55Leonardo B.Juniors0
56Tait H.Juniors0
57Ryker C.Lil Dragons0
58Bentley W.Juniors0
59Parker H.Juniors0
60Ethan H.Juniors0
61Kai B.Teens0
62Stone S.Lil Dragons0
63Samantha N.Juniors0
64Luke W.Juniors0
65Josie B.Juniors0
66Kortney C.Juniors0
67Nathan H.Adult0
68Malachi M.Teens0
69Ryan S.Teens0
70Jorge R.Teens0
71Nathan S.Adult0
72Fantasia R.Juniors0
73Liam A.Juniors0
74Keira S.Adult0
75Elijah J.Juniors0
76Duncan K.Teens0
77Shawn K.Teens0
78Larry P.Adult0
79Marcie B.Adult0
80Michael H.Adult0
81Ken G.Adult0
82Aiden H.Teens0
83Brinden C.Teens0
84Tomer L.Teens0
85Ignace M.Juniors0
86Jack R.Lil Dragons0
87Lucien N.Adult0
88Marlen R.Teens0
89Jaxen W.Lil Dragons0
90Tyler L.Juniors0
91Bella S.Juniors0
92Demi S.Adult0
93Henry S.Juniors0
94Liam S.Juniors0
95Owen S.Lil Dragons0
96Jaxon G.Juniors0
97Garrett G.Adult0
98Lyrick M.Juniors0
99Bryce H.Juniors0
100Riggs C.Lil Dragons0
101Rome C.Lil Dragons0

All Time

1Lucas L.Green Brown4,525
2Duncan K.Brown2,375
3Shawn K.Brown2,350
4Malachi M.Brown2,250
5Jade W.Brown2,025
6Nathan H.Brown1,850
7Larry P.Brown1,825
8Marcie B.Brown1,650
9Kai N.Green Brown1,625
10Landon L.White1,525
11Finn H.Green1,475
12Michael H.Green Brown1,425
13Andrew D.Green Brown1,425
14Cole S.Green1,400
15Ken G.Green1,350
16Aiden H.Green Brown1,325
17Keira S.Green1,225
18Tommy G.Blue Green1,225
19Kimeeya H.Blue Green1,225
20Tait H.Blue Green1,200
21Que F.Blue Green1,200
22Brinden C.Green1,175
23Jameson H.Blue Green1,150
24Ryker P.Blue Green1,050
25Angus K.Blue Green1,050
26Josh W.Green975
27Jonah S.Blue975
28Tomer L.Green950
29Ryan S.Blue Green925
30Nathan S.Green875
31Akshay S.Blue Green875
32Jorge R.Blue Green850
33Chris H.Blue850
34A.J. S.Blue Green850
35Gabriel R.Blue Green825
36Kai B.Blue Green825
37Pridhvi S.Blue Green825
38Ignace M.Blue800
39Paul T.Blue800
40Reed L.Blue775
41Leonardo B.Blue750
42Luke W.Blue700
43Gabe L.Purple650
44Ouraya M.Purple650
45Jack R.Purple625
46Lucien N.Blue625
47Fantasia R.Purple625
48Marlen R.Blue600
49Jaxen W.Orange525
50Tyler L.Purple525
51Bentley W.Purple525
52Evan E.Purple525
53Andre R.Yellow525
54Bella S.Purple500
55Demi S.Purple500
56Henry S.Purple500
57Liam S.Orange500
58Owen S.Purple500
59Noah C.Orange500
60Josie B.Blue450
61Logan G.Purple450
62Sophia R.Orange450
63Jaxon C.Orange450
64Jaxon G.Blue Green425
65Elijah J.Orange425
66Asher C.Orange425
67Orion E.Purple400
68Parker H.Orange400
69Ethan H.Orange400
70Alex R.Orange400
71Casey C.Orange400
72Aria W.Yellow375
73Samantha N.Orange350
74Joshua B.Yellow350
75Henry B.Orange350
76Garrett G.Orange325
77Koorosh R.Orange325
78Liam A.Yellow275
79Ryker C.Yellow250
80Arth A.White Yellow250
81Kortney C.Yellow225
82Maxwell B.Yellow225
83Vincent B.Yellow225
84Malcolm K.White225
85Riggs C.Yellow200
86Rome C.Yellow200
87Satwik C.Yellow200
88Katrina R.Yellow200
89Caden G.White175
90Jade C.White Yellow150
91Liam G.Yellow150
92Cedric Y.White150
93Chloe H.White125
94Samarth K.White125
95Stone S.White125
96Archer P.White125
97Emmeline P.White125
98Esther H.White100
99Everett B.White100
100Liam S.Yellow100
101Lyra H.White100
102Natalie H.White100
103Olivia H.White100
104Thomas F.White100
105Luke W.White75
106Jett E.White0
107Lara R.Yellow0
108Ryker R.White0
109Zaccary T.White0
110Ruby M.White0
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